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Ausgewählte Kapitel der computerorientierten Mechanik I (14)

Selected Topics in Computational Mechanics I (14)



Structural Optimisation

Modern problems in engineering consider the material and structural behaviour, i.e. structural analysis, as well as inverse problems for an optimal layout of materials and structures, i.e. structural optimisation. The lecture on Structural Optimisation tackles the following topics:

  • Introduction (notation, model problems, applications, research directions)
  • Fundamentals of nonlinear programming (theory and computation)
  • Fundamentals of topology optimisation (theory and computation)
  • Fundamentals of shape optimisation (theory and computation)
  • Overview on techniques for sensitivity analysis


The units devoted to computation are based on Matlab and are integrated into the theoretical and exercise lectures.

Further information will be given on Monday, April 16, 2018, 14:15-15:45 h, Campus Süd, Geschoßbau I, Hörsaal 131.



Semester Lecturer Date Location
SS 2018

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Joseph Barthold

Monday, 14:15-17:45

Start: 16.04.2018

Campus Süd

Geschoßbau I, Hörsaal 131

The lecture and exercises will be uploaded to Moodle (course name: MSD_NMI-SO)



The final examination is a written test (90 minutes, no lecture notes and text books allowed), which is scheduled for 23.07.2018. Details will be announced during the course of the lecture.