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Nichtlineare Kontinuumsmechanik (MB-50)

Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics (MB-50)


We will start providing course material for “Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics” on April 6th in the Moodle online class.

Even if the the semester start will be postponed due to the outbreak of the corona virus, we aim at providing course material, starting on April 6th. It will be done in the form of digital content and modern methods, e.g., digital lecture notes, screen casts, an online forum for discussion, etc.

Note that these announcements are made based upon the current situation, and that these arrangement may be subject to change based on new developments. At the moment, for instance, we do not know if and how examinations will take place. Please check this website and the Moodle class for updates.

The entire class will be organized and provided on Moodle by the name “Nonlinear continuum mechanics SoSe 2020” in this semester. Joining the Moodle class is obligatory. You will receive the password by sending an e-mail to isabelle.noll@tu-dortmund.de from your TU-Dortmund account until April 24th, using the subject: Anmeldung Moodle NLConti.

Best regards and stay healthy!


Modern engineering materials such as poylmers and even metals and alloys may undergo (very) large deformations. In such cases, the geometrically linearised theory introduced in courses like "Mechanics III" and "Introduction to Theory of Materials" is not applicable anymore. In this course, the essential kinematic and kinetic relations of three dimensional boundary value problems are introduced and thoroughly discussed using a geometrically exact formulation. The focus is thereby placed on elastic material response, which will then be extended in the course "Finite Inelasticity". In particular, the following topics will be comprehensively discussed:

  • Nonlinear kinematics: deformation, strain measures, rotation and stretch, invariants

  • Objective time derivatives, frame indifference

  • Balance equations, stress power, 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, stress measures

  • Variational principles

  • Fundamentals of constitutive modelling: general principles, growth conditions, convexity conditions

  • Hyperelasticity, incompressible and compressible material models




Semester Lecturer Dates Location
SS 2019 Dr.-Ing Thorsten Bartel

Monday, 10:15 - 11:45 and
Wednesday, 14:00 - 15:30

see the Moodle class online until further notice
MB1 - Room 165

All materials and information are provided in a Moodle Course. Please login here with your uni-account, where the course NLConti2020 will be available at the beginning of the semester. To be enrolled in the course, please write a mail to isabelle.noll@tu-dortmund.de from your TU Dortmund University account, including your matriculation number and full name.

This course corresponds to module MB-50 according to MPO2019/2020, in older MPOs it is part of module 9. In case of more detailed questions of equivalence please contact the Studienkoordination.