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GAMM junior research group

Annual report in the GAMM Newsletter

Every year, an annual report of the GAMM junior research groups is published in the GAMM Newsletter. We would like to collect the content of our contributions here in order to provide information about our activities in the respective years on the website of the junior research group itself. For further content, interested readers are referred to the GAMM website:

By Marius Harnisch, Henning Lammen and Tobias Kaiser

GAMM Newsletter 2023

In the spirit of interdisciplinary exchange within the GAMM junior research group, the fifth year at the Technical University of Dortmund began with the seminar "Mathematical foundations of continuum mechanics for engineers: Korn's inequality", in which Prof. Dr. Ben Schweizer presented some of the central mathematical foundations of continuum mechanics specifically for engineers, thus making a major contribution to the networking of mathematics and mechanics. Exciting lectures were a regular activity of the junior research group, in which experts reported on current research activities in their specialist areas. The presentations ranged from "Electromechanical Coupling in Electroactive Polymers - a Visual Analysis of a Third-Order Tensor Field" by Dr. Chiara Hergl (Leipzig University) and "A modern view of FFT-based computational methods in micromechanics" by Jun.Prof. Matti Schneider (KIT), "Model-driven neural networks: From basics to applications in the calculus of variations" by Prof. Robert Martin (University of Duisburg-Essen), "Geometric Construction of Auxetic Metamaterials" by Prof. Stefanie Hahmann and "Computational Design of Laser-Cut Bending-Active Structures" by Prof. Georges-Pierre Bonneau through to "Biaxial testing of ductile damage in metals: New approaches and specimens" by Dr.- Ing.Ing. Steffen Gerke (University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich) and "Local Electrical Properties of Microstructural Defects" by Dr. Hanna Bishara (Tel Aviv University).

The current Executive Board was re-elected at the General Assembly, which was also able to report that the Young Investigators Group has continued to grow with 56 members. In addition to the number of members, their activity in recent months was also very pleasing, which was reflected not only in the lively participation in the lectures and seminars but also in the numerous social activities. The general meeting was rounded off with a presentation by Prof. Matthias G.R. Faes (TU Dortmund) on "Efficient numerical methods to deal with imprecise probabilities".

The activities of the junior research group are at an all-time high with numerous and very active members from various disciplines at the Technical University of Dortmund. We will use this pleasing development to further network young scientists in applied mathematics and mechanics by offering a platform for scientific but also personal exchange.


By Marius Harnisch, Henning Lammen and Tobias Kaiser

GAMM Newsletter 2022

The fourth year of the GAMM junior research group at the Technical University of Dortmund has been characterized by positive changes. Some regular members now support the junior research group as senior members, others remain associated with the junior research group as former members and some new members have joined. We are particularly pleased to welcome the new members of the Chair of Continuum Mechanics from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, so that the junior research group now consists of 37 regular members, 15 senior members and four former members from seven institutes.

Due to the pandemic, the start of the new academic year took place in the now familiar digital form, with the lecture "Computational modeling with uncertainties: stochastic modeling, calibration and surrogate modeling" by Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Römer from TU Braunschweig not only leading to a lively scientific exchange, but also initiating cooperation projects. The General Assembly was rounded off by the presentation "On data-driven solid mechanics and the extension towards inelastic material behavior" by junior research group member Marius Harnisch, who was also elected to the new Executive Board together with Henning Lammen, Sebastian Hilbrecht and Fabian Guhr. In addition, the junior research group has created a new offer with a doctoral consultation hour, which gives all interested parties the opportunity to clarify questions relating to the doctorate in direct exchange with doctoral candidates. With the seminar "Engineering design of metamaterials' structures through micromorphic enriched continuum modeling" by Prof. Dr. Angela Madeo and a subsequent barbecue evening, the new members of the Chair of Continuum Mechanics were duly welcomed. This first social activity after long years of pandemic-related abstinence was quickly followed by a joint soccer match and the lecture "Knowledge Augmented Neural Network Plasticity Modeling" by Dr. Knut Andreas Meyer from the TU Braunschweig, which was held in hybrid form.

The junior research group is enjoying lively participation, so we are confident that we will be able to implement many more joint activities in the coming twelve months in order to further network young scientists in applied mathematics and mechanics at TU Dortmund University. This was underlined by the approval of the junior research group for a further three years.