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Fakultät Maschinenbau

The following student theses have already been assigned:

  • Electro-mechanical coupling in material interfaces: A computational multiscale approach (M.Sc. thesis) Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Tobias Kaiser
  • Towards a finite strain modeling framework for additive manufacturing processes (M.Sc. thesis) Supervisor: Isabelle Noll, M.Sc.
  • Exponential shape functions for phase field simulations of brittle damage (B.Sc. project thesis) Supervisor: Henning Lammen, M.Sc.
  • Crack characterization in material modeling using artificial neural networks (bachelor thesis) Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Patrick Kurzeja, Gian-Luca Geuken, M. Sc.
  • Material modeling of elastic materials with artificial neural networks utilizing material isotropy (bachelor thesis) Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Patrick Kurzeja, Gian-Luca Geuken, M. Sc.
  • Investigation of factors influencing the thermographic acquisition of temperature data (B.Sc. project thesis) Supervisor: Lars Rose, M.Sc.

  • Influence of different clamping systems during internal cylindrical peel grinding (bachelor thesis) Supervisor: Tim Furlan, M. Sc.

  • Implementation and validation of a parameter identification routine in MATLAB (M.Sc. project thesis) Supervisor: Lars Rose M. Sc.
  • Modeling of phase field based solidification (project thesis) Supervisor: Tillmann Wiegold M. Sc.
  • Combining anisotropic plasticity with a phase field formulation for damage in Feap (B.Sc. project thesis) Supervisor: Tillmann Wiegold M. Sc.
  • Finite element-based computation of diffusion problems (project thesis) Supervisors: Dr.-Ing. Richard Ostwald, Leon Sprave M. Sc.
  • Reconstruction of patient specific artery data based on magnetic resonance tomography (project thesis) Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Richard Ostwald