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These statutes apply to the GAMM Young Investigators Group of the Technische Universität Dortmund.

This junior group is formed by the Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) and operates within the framework of the statutes of GAMM e.V. The rules for the formation and organization of the junior group are governed by GAMM regulations and these statutes. The Junior Group may affiliate with another organization (e.g. SIAM) if approved by GAMM.


GAMM promotes the scientific development of all areas of applied mathematics and mechanics.

  1. The purpose of the Association is to foster and promote scientific work and international cooperation in applied mathematics and in all subfields of mechanics and physics that are fundamental to engineering. The association pursues this purpose primarily through the organization of scientific meetings.
  2. The fulfillment of the association's purpose shall exclusively and directly serve the promotion of science and thus the general public, to the exclusion of any economic gain.

The objectives of the Junior Research Group shall not be in conflict with the objectives of GAMM.

The aim of the Junior Research Group is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in applied mathematics, mechanics and other disciplines represented in GAMM between Master students and PhD students at the Technical University of Dortmund. This includes local networking among the professorships represented within the group for mutual knowledge transfer with the help of scientific and non-scientific activities, as exemplified in Article II.


The implementation of the objectives of the Junior Research Group listed in Article I includes the activities exemplified below:

  • Organization of seminars
  • Organization of lecture days
  • Organization of field trips
  • Organization of community events for team building and interdisciplinary exchange.


  1. All Master students and PhD students of the Technical University of Dortmund who are interested in applied mathematics, mechanics as well as other disciplines represented in GAMM can become regular members of the group. GAMM welcomes an interdisciplinary composition of group members from different faculties and institutions.
  2. In addition to regular membership, senior membership for PhD members (including professors) may apply. Senior members have the same rights within the Junior Research Group as regular members.
  3. Any regular member of the group may become a student member of GAMM for a maximum of 3 years free of charge. This can be applied for by the executive committee of the junior group. This application has to be made annually informally for the regular members concerned. The executive committee of the junior research group has to make sure that the regular members concerned are enrolled in a diploma or master program of the Technical University of Dortmund, or are doing their doctorate there. The members of the group are encouraged to become GAMM members.
  4. Regular membership expires as soon as a member receives a doctorate, leaves the university, or resigns from the group.
  5. Application for membership in the Junior Research Group for the upcoming academic year must be submitted informally to the Executive Committee. The application must be received by the deadline no later than one week prior to the beginning of the term of the next Executive Committee.


The GAMM representative of the Technical University of Dortmund, is the supervisor for the group. He/she may delegate this task to another person at the request of the junior research group, as long as this person is a GAMM member. The supervisor shall support the junior group in the execution of its activities (e.g. support in booking rooms, organizing the handling of finances, inviting guests). In addition, the supervisor shall ensure that the activities of the group are consistent with the goals of GAMM and those set forth in Article II.


  1. The group shall have an Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into one office. All board members must be regular members of the group. The initial Executive Committee shall be appointed by the GAMM representative(s) of the sponsoring institution for the first academic year.
  2. The President shall preside over all meetings of the group. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President. In the absence of the latter, the Secretary shall assume the duties.
  3. The Secretary shall keep records of all activities of the group. He/she shall be responsible for all correspondences. The secretary is required to send a brief annual report of the group's activities to the local supervisor and the GAMM office by the end of May and without being asked. This report must be such that it can be used for publication in the GAMM newsletter.
  4. The Treasurer shall receive and maintain the finances of the group and submit an annual financial report to the GAMM Treasurer. This report will be audited by the two GAMM treasurers. The financial report is due at the end of the academic year, but no later than 30 days after the end of the summer term.
  5. During the last month of the Board's term, a new Board must be elected by the members of the group. The Secretary, in consultation with the President, will invite all group members to the Board election two weeks in advance. This may be held at the Annual General Meeting [see Article VI.2]. All group members may nominate candidates. These must be communicated to the Secretary by the time the election begins. Before the election, the Secretary must ask for other nominations. Chairs shall be elected by a relative majority vote of the regular members. Regular members who are unable to attend the election in person may send their ballot in advance to the Secretary up to one day before the election. The official results will be reported to the group members and the Secretary of GAMM by the Secretary within one week.
  6. Terms of office will be aligned with the academic year.
  7. The Executive Committee of the Junior Research Group is elected for a one-year term. The term of office begins on 01.11 and ends on 31.10 of an academic year. Board members may be re-elected without restriction.
  8. In the event of the resignation of a board member, the board may designate another regular member of the group to serve as an interim replacement until the next official election.


  1. There shall be at least two meetings in each year.
  2. At the end of the academic year, but no later than the end of October, the annual general meeting shall be held. The President or Treasurer may call additional general meetings, provided two weeks' notice is given.


  1. The group may establish mandatory or optional registration fees for meetings or activities, or raise funds by other legal means, provided that this does not conflict with the GAMM Constitution. In addition, sponsorship of group activities (e.g., assumption of costs or co-sponsorship of presenters) may be agreed upon between the group and participating professorships.
  2. All funds of the group are to be held in a bank account under the name of the group or in a university account. All unused funds are the property of GAMM [see Article IX.3].
  3. The Treasurer shall be responsible for accounting for all expenditures and receipts of any activity in all accounts of the group.
  4. The Executive Committee of the group may apply for a grant each academic year to the GAMM Treasurer. An application for funding shall be made in an informal letter, which shall be accompanied by a current financial statement of the group and a statement of proposed expenditures and their benefits to the group. Grant funds may only be used to support group activities.
  5. Members of the Young Investigators Group may solicit funds for the group only on behalf of the Young Investigators Group (not on behalf of GAMM).


These Bylaws may be changed or amended only upon approval of the GAMM Board of Directors. First, a majority vote of the voting group members (in person or by proxy) must be taken at an announced full meeting. The amendment or addition may be submitted to GAMM only after an affirmative majority vote of the group.


  1. A group shall be approved by GAMM for a period of three years. Prior to the expiration of the grant, a report of activities shall be submitted to the GAMM Board of Directors through the local GAMM representative(s), including a statement as to whether the group is requesting a renewal of the grant for an additional 3 years. The Board will decide whether to continue or dissolve the group. If no evaluation report is submitted, the group will be dissolved.
  2. A group may dissolve itself by a unanimous vote of all members (in person or by proxy) at an announced plenary meeting. An invitation to all members to attend this plenary meeting with notice of the scheduled vote must be given at least 30 days in advance.
  3. A group must have at least eight regular members at all times. If this is not the case, the group may be dissolved by the GAMM Board.
  4. A group may be dissolved by the GAMM Board of Directors if the group has not conducted any activities for one year.
  5. In case of dissolution of a group, all remaining funds must be returned to GAMM within 60 days.