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Student research projects, bachelor and master theses

The Institute of Mechanics offers a number of topics that have close links to our teaching and research, see "Open Theses". The different topics cover the whole spectrum from "mainly theoretical" to "rather applied". Examples of student theses currently in progress ("Theses in progress") as well as theses completed at our institute ("Completed theses") are also listed.

Information on external bachelor and master theses

Basically, the staff of the Institute of Mechanics is happy to take on the supervision of external bachelor's and master's theses. This is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The company where the work is to be carried out must provide in advance an approx. one-page description of the topic and the points to be worked on. This must also indicate whether the topic is a sufficient fit.
  2. The workplace required for carrying out the work, as well as work utensils and any infrastructure (computers, software, etc.) must be provided fundamentally by the company. A performance of e.g. computer simulations in the CIP pool of the IM is not permitted.
  3. The work must NOT contain a blocking clause or similar. If the results of the work are subject to confidentiality on the part of the company, an alternative must be found for the submitted work. Conceivable alternatives include an application of the methodology performed to a structure similar to the one compared to the component or workpiece relevant to the company. The work MUST contain meaningful results. Printing of programming code is optional.
  4. The oral examination in the form of a presentation, which is relevant for the evaluation, must take place at the Institute of Mechanics. This does not exclude the possibility of an internal final presentation at the respective company, but the basis for the assignment of grades is exclusively the previously mentioned presentation at the IM.