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GAMM Junior Research Group

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The GAMM Junior Research Group of the TU Dortmund University consists of a total of 54 members, of which 31 are regular members and 23 are senior members and a total of 21 former members. Eight institutes and chairs from the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and mathematics actively participate in the group.
GAMM Junior Research Group

Welcome to the GAMM Junior Research Group at TU Dortmund University

The International Organisation of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) promotes the scientific development of all areas of applied mathematics and mechanics. The purpose of the association is to foster and promote scientific work and international cooperation in applied mathematics as well as in all areas of mechanics and physics, which are part of the fundamentals of engineering. The association pursues this purpose primarily by organizing scientific conferences. The fulfilment of the purpose of the association shall serve exclusively and directly the promotion of science and thus the general public, excluding any economic gain.


The aim of the GAMM Junior Research Group is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in applied mathematics, mechanics and other disciplines represented in GAMM between master students and doctoral students at TU Dortmund University.

Questions, suggestions and criticism can be submitted at any time via nachwuchsgruppe_dortmundgammorg.